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Washington, D.C. native and entrepreneur Karl Stallknecht founded Pulse Entertainment in 2008. From a young age Karl has always been interested in DJing, but also has had a passion for entrepreneurship. When Karl was about five years old, his grandfather (pictured) noticed Karl’s interest in the family radio and the fact that he constantly asked questions about how it worked. Karl’s grandfather took him to the local community radio station’s studio for a tour and the rest is history! Karl was infatuated with radio from there on out and made it his dream to work on-air, which he quickly accomplished even while still in school. Originally Karl wanted to work strictly in radio and he started a local terrestrial radio station, but as the Internet took over the radio world was changing and Karl was looking to adjust his path. After experiencing many other DJs who were great with music and crowds, but not so great when it came to running a business, customer service, and organization, Karl decided to start something that didn’t exist anywhere else in the D.C. metro area!

Customer Service Oriented

One of the most frustrating things about hiring, whether it's someone working on your house or a wedding vendor, is poor responsiveness and bad customer service. We get it...you want to make sure your wedding goes flawlessly, and slow response times and a lack of communication are frightening! Whether you've already booked us or you're an existing client, at Pulse we have a one-hour response guarantee for any calls/emails during regular business hours. Our office staff are standing by waiting to answer your questions! If you need to talk to us after hours, don't hesitate to send us an email and ask since we are happy to accommodate your busy schedule.

Meet the Team

The Pulse team is composed of highly skilled and motivated employees, who are always thinking outside-of-the-box for the next big thing soon to come. When we look for new employees, we look for energetic personnel who are willing to learn anything put in front of them. Our team has also been hand selected to ensure compatibility among employees so that events flow smoothly. We have provided you with a sample below, showcasing some of our highly talented staff.

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Recommended Vendors

The majority of our new clients come from referrals, some of which are past clients referring us to their friends and family, and others are referrals from other vendors. We believe that referral marketing is one of the best ways to find vendors since you are getting a personal recommendation from someone who has worked with that vendor before. The following is a compilation of vendors who we have worked with on numerous occasions. We receive zero compensation from these vendors and we are listing them here for the sole reason that we trust them to provide a very high quality product at a reasonable cost.

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