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After every wedding, we like to thank our couples as well as ask them what we could have done better or what they might have decided to do differently if they could go back to the beginning of the wedding planning process. From couples who chose to not go with any lighting, these same couples often tell us that they wish they had purchased a lighting package.

Lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of giving your venue that extra wow effect and eye-catching appeal. We have seen venues such as firehouse event halls or community recreation centers go from being plain and simple, to breathtaking.

Of course, not every venue is suited for lighting depending on the location and time of day, but we will be happy to discuss this with you so please go ahead and contact us so we can learn more and make a recommendation! You can also read more about our different types of lighting below and see picture/video examples. Whether you are looking for just a simple elegant touch, or you want a club setting, let Pulse Entertainment transform your venue into the perfect location!

Our Lighting Services List


Uplighting is by far the most popular lighting option that our clients choose, and it is requested by over 80% of our clients. Uplighting refers to lighting that lights up the walls of a venue. It is commonly seen on the outside of large buildings. Uplighting is generally used as decor/mood/atmospheric lighting and is seen as something that makes a venue look classier. ALL our uplighting packages include LED wireless/battery powered uplight fixtures. This means that we can illuminate things such as columns, doorways, etc where power outlets don’t exist, without any messy wiring! Additionally, we can set the fixtures to use any color you’d like, and change it throughout the night too! Each of these fixtures is about the size of a one-gallon can of paint, so they are small enough to be non-obtrusive and blend in.

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Dance Floor Lighting

Our clients who request dance floor lighting are generally looking for more of a party/upbeat feel to their event. Dance floor lighting is a very vague term that many DJs use, but generally refers to a mix of lighting fixtures that shine on the dance floor area with moving colors and patterns…think club or disco lighting. Our dance floor lighting packages include a 12-foot-wide truss fixture that hangs above the DJ table and has about 15 lighting fixtures attached. These lights include lasers, blacklights, and spotlights, just to name a few. This is pretty much our all-out lighting package. When speaking with other DJs, be sure to ask specifically what is included with their dance floor lighting since some DJs just bring a small tripod with a few colored lights.

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Dancing Under the Stars

“Dancing Under the Stars” is the term we use to describe projecting star-like shapes and patterns on the ceiling of your venue. This creates a very dreamy and romantic effect that many people love the second they see. Depending on your preferences we can either set the stars to be stationary or we can have them rotate very slowly around the ceiling. Note that dancing under the stars is included with our standard dance floor lighting package, but it can also be purchased independently if you just want dancing under the stars and not the rest of our dance floor lighting package.

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Tent Lighting

Having your wedding in a tent can be a dazzling experience, especially if the weather cooperates. One major disadvantage to a tent though is that it is less versatile for providing lighting, whether that is just standard lighting for people to see or effect lighting. Here at Pulse we have developed a special technique to combat this and we are able to provide colored lighting in almost any type of tent! We do this by attaching a series of lighting fixtures to the edges of the tent and shine the lights up towards the top of the tent. This causes the entire tent ceiling to glow in the color of your choice. This creates an effect very similar to uplighting. During dancing, we can even have the lights change colors to provide more of a fun effect!

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Seeing pictures of examples is the best way to understand monograms, but the general concept is that we can take your names and turn them into a projection that is projected onto the wall or floor somewhere in your venue. Monogram packages include a full custom design (not a pre-made template) by one of our graphic designers. Typically, we include the couple’s names and wedding date, but we can add other information as well. We generally recommend the simpler the design, the better.

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Spotlights are the perfect solution if you are doing any sort of performances during your wedding and want those performances lit up. We also commonly “follow” the bride/groom or parents around the room during their special dances to provide a stage look and feel. We can adjust the color and size of the light our spotlights produce to match any venue. Note that spotlights are included with our standard dance floor lighting package, but they can also be purchased independently if you just want spotlights and not the rest of our dance floor lighting package.

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